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Alpcross Components is a brand whose specialty relies on designing and manufacturing top quality components for cyclists, combining the best materials on the market. Its product range is mainly featured by their lightness, efficiency and design, resulting in perfect products.

Our goal is to create the best cycling experience with the perfect components.

We combine the best materials on the market, delivering a premium product: light, efficient and beautiful.

We carefully set all the details on our products in order to grant the greatest durability and resistance.


Alpcross Components: quality, lightness and design.

Alpcross Components was born 8 years ago in Switzerland with a premise: to build light and quality components with the objective of creating the most efficient bicycles. Our brand, with Swiss roots, combines stiffness and the great qualities of carbon with the elegance of aluminium, achieving a unique and complete range of products. Alpcross Components products have been specifically designed for those bikers who want to reduce their bike weight and grant it a premium and exclusive look, and where functionality and design go hand in hand. Our product range is ideal because it is compatible with every single modality in the cycling world.


In Alpcross Components, we set the objective of reaching excellence in all our products. Hence, we are immersed into a constant investigation process.


Alpcross Components’ main added value is the development of our products with the best raw materials, so we can provide a better resistance and performance.


Image is our Swiss jewels’ identity. We design our products with a clear objective: to invest in practicality and lightness not letting out the aesthetics.


Passion for cycling is what drives us. We enjoy nature and the fight spirit to achieve our goals: make our dreams come true.

Shall we relish the journey together?

Here in Alpcross Components, we are aware that time is limited. And there’s nothing better than spending it doing what you truly love: cycling. We want to accompany you on this journey delivering quality, security and design at your bike’s reach.


If you dream about it, make it true.

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