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Der Träger Ti

Water Cage

Strength, elegance and lightness in a single tool.

42,96 € (VAT Inc.)

Technical specifications

Light weight,
Premium cycling


Titanium 3-2,5º


29 g

Der Träger Ti

A unique bottle cage that perfectly combines modern and classic design. Der Träger Ti is our new bottle cage made of titanium, a unique material that provides elegance and style, turning any component that uses it into something special.


Der Träger TI is an ideal bottle cage for Gravel, a unique world where classic and modern coexist. Titanium-made, it features a classic design combined with a high-tech material and manufacturing process. Its exceptional bottle retention keeps your bottle clamped under any circumstances, from cycling marathons to cycling tours, making it the desired object of true cyclists. The Der Träger TI bottle cage is also suitable for MTB and road cycling.


Titanium 3-2,5º

Titanium has become the new carbon for the most demanding and dedicated riders who are looking for quality and exclusivity for their bikes. Our Der Träger Ti bottle cage and all its bolts are made of 3-2.5 seamless grade titanium.


Compatible with all brands

Der Träger Ti was born out of the need to create a bottle cage centred around quality and design, without forgetting other essential features such as durability and performance. Our new bottle cage will provide a distinctive and elegant touch to your bike.


29 g

Der Träger Ti is not the lightest bottle cage from Alpcross Components, but it is the most efficient in terms of hardness-to-lightness ratio. Titanium is a unique material and incomparable to any other metal thanks to its hardness and lightness: harder than steel and lighter than aluminium. In total, it weighs 29 gr.


Quality, lightness and the most premium design.

Safety, efficiency and passion for carbon.


Premium components made in Spain

Quality, lightness and design

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