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Der Träger

Bottle cage

Maximum lightness and perfect clamp for the bottle

49,95 € (VAT Included)

Technical data

Less weight

More premium


UD and 3K carbon fibre.

13 g

Der Träger

Der Träger bottle cage meets the standards of Alpcross Components: lightness, design and efficiency. Relish the journey and defy your limits with Alpcross Components.


Der Träger bottle cage, made up of a combination of UD carbon fibre, is characterized for its extreme lightness: 13 gr. With a 3K finish, this bottle cage grants an optimal clamp for the bottle. Furthermore, it is practically compatible with every brand on the market.


UD and 3K carbon

Alpcross Components works with the best materials on the market. UD carbon provides efficiency, lightness and design, and a spectacular look thanks to its 3K finish.


All-brands compatible

Der Träger bottle cage is practically compatible with all brand standards on the market.


Furthermore, this model grants an optimal clamp thanks to a rubber top incorporated in the lower screw, which neutralizes movements and vibrations.


13 g

Der Träger is one of the lightest bottle cages on the market. The lower weight, which assures a more reactive and efficient bike, is one of Alpcross Components’ main identity signatures.


Quality, lightness and design for the most premium cycling.

Maximum lightness and perfect clamp for the bottle


Premium components made in Spain

Quality, lightness and design
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